Board Development

Trustee Manual 

An Introduction to the Montana Library Community for Public Library Trustees (webinar series)

Board Development Resources from previous Montana State Library trainings

Trustee Toolkit: Hiring a New Library Director  sample job descriptions, recruitment ads, interview questions, reference checks, letters and more.  Developed by the Chief Officers of State Library Agencies (COSLA).

Succession:  Hiring a New Library Director materials from spring 2015 trustee training

Public Library Standards

Library Law

Legal Resources for Public Libraries from previous Montana State Library trainings

Suggestions for Bylaws for Montana Library Boards (pdf)

Understanding Meeting Minutes Procedures (pdf) based on research conducted by MSL staff

MSL Extension Local Government Center resources for local government entities

United for Libraries

American Library Association (ALA)

Wiki for Trustees (ALA)

Resources for Trustees and Directors on the MSL Library Learning Portal