MontanaLibrary2Go is administered by Montana State Library and by two committees: an elected Executive Committee and a volunteer Selection Committee. Montana State Library administers the contract with OverDrive, our primary e-content provider, facilitates communication and support within the consortium, and advises the Executive Committee as needed. The Executive Committee reviews the content budget proposed by the Selection Committee and makes recommendations to the Governing Board (the full membership) regarding budget and other administrative issues. The Governing Board votes to approve an annual content budget and cost share formula at its annual meeting.

Selection Committee

New content is added monthly, based on patron requests and selections made on a rotating basis by members of the MontanaLibrary2Go Selection Team. The Selection Committee follows the collection development policy and procedures as approved by the Executive Committee. Please contact the Selection Committee if you have questions regarding MontanaLibrary2Go Selection Policy or Selection Procedures.

Any complaints or challenges regarding the MontanaLibrary2Go collection may be brought initially to the Selection Committee. Please see the Title Appeal Process Documentation document under "Bylaws and Policies" below.


Coordinator: Katie Biehl, Bozeman Public Library

Megan Haddix, Glasgow City-County Library

Susie McIntyre, Great Falls Public Library

James Parrott, Lewis & Clark Library

Yvonne Redding, Rosebud County Library

TyRee Jenks, MSU Billings Library

Cassie Baker and Dee Ann Redman, Billings Public Library

Shari Curtis and DeHanza Kwong, Butte-Silver Bow Public Library


2020 selection rotation schedule:

January - Butte Public Library

February - Billings Public Library

March - Rosebud County Library

April - Lewis and Clark Library

May - Bozeman Public Library

June – Sheridan County Library

July - Glasgow City-County Library

August - Great Falls Public Library

September - MSU-Billings Library

October - Butte Public Library

November - Billings Public Library

December - Rosebud County Library

Executive Committee

The MontanaLibrary2Go Executive Committee is responsible for developing and reviewing collection development policy and procedures; developing the annual budget and cost-share formula for approval by the membership; and making other recommendations to the membership as needed. Please contact the Executive Committee with any policy questions or suggestions regarding MontanaLibrary2Go.

Jonna Underwood, Sheridan County Library (Small) Term expires April 2022
Karen Ketchu, Madison Valley Public Library (At Large) Term expires April 2022
Rachel Rawn, Havre-Hill County Library (Medium) Term expires April 2022

Kit Stephenson, Bozeman Public Library (At Large) - Term expires April 2021

James Parrott, Lewis & Clark Library (Large) - Term expires April 2021

Cara Orban, Montana State Library (Ex Officio)


OverDrive Contract (PDF)

Consortium Access Agreement (PDF)

Bylaws and Policies

MontanaLibrary2Go ByLaws (PDF)

Selection Procedure (PDF)

Collection Development Policy (PDF)

Title Appeal Process (PDF)

Meeting Agendas and Minutes

The MontanaLibrary2Go membership meets annually to vote on the annual content budget and cost share formula proposed by the Executive Committee, and on other administrative decisions as necessary.

The Executive Committee meets in person or virtually quarterly, or four times per year, per consortium bylaws.

The Selection Committee meets in person or virtually as needed to discuss administrative issues and to prepare materials for the MontanaLibrary2Go annual meeting.

Upcoming Meetings



Membership Meeting Minutes

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Executive Committee Meeting Minutes

March 2020 (PDF)

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