Montana Memory Project

Getting Involved

How to Contribute

  • If you are interested in contributing a collection to the MMP, you will need to submit a collection application, linked below.
    • Libraries may submit multiple collections simultaneously, or additional collections in the future, but each collection requires its own Collection Application and Metadata Spreadsheet.
  • The collection application is required before a library can apply for project funding.
    • All Montana libraries are eligible to apply for funding.
    • Project funding can be used for paying a vendor to scan collection materials.

Step 1: Plan your collection.

Step 2: Complete and submit an MMP Collection Application.

Step 3: Montana Memory Project's Selection Committee will review your collection application for approval and notify you of the results. Sign the agreement – All new Partners are asked to sign our contributor’s agreement form.

Step 4: After you have received approval, begin scanning and digitizing your collection.

Step 5: Set up a metadata training session with MMP staff.

Step 6:  Upload your items to a folder provided by MMP Staff

Step 7: Review your new collection on the Montana Memory Project site.

Step 8: Celebrate your new addition to Montana's statewide digital repository!

Familiarize yourself with the MMP Knowledge Base Each section linked below is specific to a step in the process. The Glossary document will help you understand the term used when creating a project.

If you have questions or need assistance, please, Submit a Ticket.

  1. MMP - Collection Policy
  2. MMP - Digital Preservation Policy
  3. MMP - Purpose, Missions, Scope, Vision
  4. Montana State Library/MMP Copyright Statement
  5. MMP - Collection Application
  6. MMP - Funding Awards
  7. MMP - Hardware and Software Recommendations
  8. MMP - Scanning Specifications
  9. MMP - How to add a collection
  10. MMP - Glossary of Terms
  11. Frequently Asked Questions
  12. File Naming Conventions
  13. Folder Hierarchy Guidelines
  14. Vendors

Oral history Project Documents

  1. MMP - Oral History Getting Started
  2. Digital Recorder Operating Manual

Contact:  Jennifer Birnel, Montana State Library, 855-259-0894 or submit a help ticket at: