Public Library Standards - Current Drafts

Proposed Changes to Public Library Standards

The following document was adopted by the State Library Commission at their August 19, 2021 meeting. State Library staff are in the process of updating the Administrative Rules of Montana. Public libraries will be required to meet the Essential Standards to receive funding from the Montana State Library. The adoption of these standards concludes the work of the public library standards task force.

April 2021 draft for proposed changes to the Public Library Standards - this draft was adopted. These standards will become the new public library standards effective July 1, 2022.

Draft Public Library Standards Road Map - this document builds on the foundation of the essential public library standards. It is a library development tool designed to help libraries move toward excellence - individually and collaboratively with other libraries. The road map is voluntary.

Previous Drafts of Proposed Changes to Public Library Standards

November 2020 draft for proposed changes to the Public Library Standards

Spring 2020 draft of the Public Library Standards listed in Administrative Rules

Public Comment Process

Thank you for your feedback during this time. If you have questions or concerns about the new public library standards, please contact Tracy Cook.