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OCLC enrollment is now open for FY18!

This year, the Montana State Library is signing a renewal on its OCLC Group Services contract. However, the renewal will not be signed until after the State Library Commission takes action at its June 14 meeting to allocate funds for the project. We do not expect any major changes to the terms and conditions to the contract for FY18. You will have the opportunity to review the existing terms and conditions through the enrollment process, and we will share the most current version of the terms and conditions with you as soon as we have the signed renewal.

OCLC will invoice your library by early August, and you will be asked to send payment directly to OCLC. We cannot estimate exactly what your FY18 cost will be until after the June 14 Commission meeting, but we expect that your cost will be equal to or below what your library paid in FY17.

Please contact Cara Orban for a cost estimate if your library is new to OCLC Group Services.


How is my library’s enrollment fee calculated?

  • The formula is based on the number of holding records the library has in OCLC, as reported by OCLC, and:
  • For academics: total student FTE
  • For publics: number of patron records in the library’s ILS
  • For schools: total student enrollment
  • For specials: number of patron records in the library’s ILS

This is a relational formula in which each library type has to collect, as a group, a portion of the total amount due, based on that library type’s collective percentage of the total holdings in OCLC for all libraries.

Pre-pay Option

If you would like to Pre-Pay your OCLC bill, download this form (pdf) and send it along with payment as instructed on the form. 


OCLC enrollment fees for FY18 may be offset by contributions from MSL pending availability of funds and approval by the State Library Commission.