OCLC Services

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Enrollment and Application Information

In FY18, the Montana State Library has signed a renewal on its OCLC Group Services contract. Please send payment directly to OCLC. 

Annual enrollment takes place in the spring, but late enrollees may be added on a rolling basis. 

Please contact Cara Orban for a cost estimate if your library is new to OCLC Group Services.


How is my library’s enrollment fee calculated?

  • The formula is based on the number of holding records the library has in OCLC, as reported by OCLC, and:
  • For academics: total student FTE
  • For publics: number of patron records in the library’s ILS
  • For schools: total student enrollment
  • For specials: number of patron records in the library’s ILS

This is a relational formula in which each library type has to collect, as a group, a portion of the total amount due, based on that library type’s collective percentage of the total holdings in OCLC for all libraries.

Pre-pay Option

If you would like to Pre-Pay your OCLC bill, download this form (pdf) and send it along with payment as instructed on the form. 


OCLC enrollment fees for FY18 is offset by contributions from MSL.