Montana Shared Catalog


The Montana Shared Catalog provides training and resources for member libraries to take full advantage of the resources they have. The trainings provided are a combination of in-person training, webinars, and self-paced learning materials.

MSC staff conducts in-person training at several yearly meetings and conferences as well as online trainings periodically throughout the year. In addition, member libraries will participate in mentoring programs to assist both new and existing member libraries with training and continuing education. In-person trainings are presented regionally, usually in the spring and summer. If you would like to host a regional training at your library, please Open a Help Desk Ticket.

MSC staff present webinars throughout the year on new system functionality, changes or updates in standard operating procedures, and other topics as requested. To see the calendar of events, click here. Online trainings can also be scheduled to assist your library staff with specific needs and topics. Please contact MSC staff by Opening a Help Desk Ticket for more information.

If you are just starting out, the MSC Curriculum is a great place to start. You can work though from the very basics to more advanced materials, and choose what areas of the MSC you want to focus on while working through the training. The Knowledge Base is another great resource.