Montana Shared Catalog


Executive Board

The Executive Board is comprised of members from each type of library. These members represent the interests of other libraries in the consortium. The Executive Board handles a lot of the business of the Montana Shared Catalog and presents proposals on costs, etc. to the full membership. Library representation by Executive Board seat is listed here. (pdf)

View the MSC Executive Board Work plan here.

Name Position Term Representing Library
Sean Anderson   1st (2017-2019) Large Public libraries ImagineIF Libraries
Roberta Gebhardt   1st (2016-2018) Special libraries Montana Historical Society
Anita Scheetz   1st (2017-2019) Academic libraries James E. Shanley Tribal Library
Debra Westrom   1st (2016-2018) K-8 School libraries Hellgate Schools
Gavin Woltjer   1st (2017-2019) Western-at-Large Billings Public
Kelly Reisig Chair 1st (2016-2018) Eastern-at-Large Sidney Public
Wendy Campbell   2nd (2017-2019) Small Public libraries Darby Community Public Library
Mark Wetherington   1st (2016-2018) Medium Public libraries Bitterroot Public Library
Rebecca Krantz   1st (2017-2019) HS/School District libraries Missoula County Public Schools

Content Management

The primary functions of the Content Management Committee are to promote consistent bibliographic records, cataloging and circulation practices and to maintain a functional and attractive user interface within the Montana Shared Catalog (MSC) Integrated Library System (ILS). The committee is responsible for the Standard Cataloging Procedures (doc), which are regularly reviewed and updated as necessary. The Committee also participates in training, and Committee members actively participate in: the MSC-discuss listserv, the MSC-techservices listserv, and the Symphony cataloging listserv. They also make recommendations for enhancements to the ILS based on membership and Committee discussion.

Content Management Committee membership consists of 14 voting members consisting of technical librarians representing all MSC library types. At least one member should be very familiar with MSC circulation policies and procedures and at least one other member should be very familiar with the end-user experience; searching, OPAC and discovery. The committee can be expanded to accommodate growing MSC membership as necessary. Committee members are appointed by the MSC Executive Board based on recommendations by MSC member libraries and MSC director. All members of the Montana Shared Catalog are invited and encouraged to share ideas and problems by participating in the MSC Cataloging Discussion Listserv or contacting a Committee member.

A Chair and Vice-Chair are elected within the committee for one year terms, and are responsible for planning meeting(s) and facilitating discussions and votes. The Vice-Chair serves one year, is responsible for updating the standard cataloging procedures and then serves the following year as the Chair. Due to the limited number of catalogers in the overall MSC membership, there are no term limits for committee membership. A member wishing to step down from this committee should let both the MSC Director and Cataloging Committee Chair know of his/her desires.

A minimum of one in-person meeting per year will be funded by the Montana Shared Catalog. Meetings can also be held via phone or electronically. If necessary, additional funding can be requested from the MSC. Minutes from the committee meetings will be made available to the MSC membership. Recommended action items will be presented to the MSC Executive Board for consideration. Annual committee meetings have historically been conducted in February, but the date is flexible to accommodate schedules. Consideration should be given to a meeting timeline which allows the Executive Board to act on any recommendation from this committee before the next regularly scheduled MSC membership meeting.

Name Position Library
Dave Shearer Large Public Billings Public
Beth Boyson Large Public Bozeman Public
Carrie Nelson Academic - Vice-Chair Flathead Valley CC
Jennifer Hossack Schools Washington Middle School
Stephan Licitra Special - Law - Chair State Law Library
Abbi Dooley Medium Public North Lake County Public
Laura Tretter Special - Museum MT Historical Society Research Center
Victoria Lowe Medium Public Sheridan County Library (Plentywood)
Jodie Moore OPAC Red Lodge Carnegie Library
Paulette Parpart Large Public Missoula Public
Carly Delsigne Circulation  North Jefferson County Public
Amy Fugate Acquisitions Billings Public
Lyndy Parke Serials Missoula Public Library