Montana Shared Catalog

Mentor Program

The original Cataloging Mentor Program was established to help member libraries acquire cataloging skills. Since that time the program has changed. Many of the original tasks of the mentors have been taken on by the MSC trainer, and much material has been generated to aid new members learn the ILS. 

The program is made up of volunteers who have a strong interest in technical services and the MSC ILS. They may specialize in: copy cataloging, original cataloging, Smartport, ILL, serials, BCA, acquisitions, or circulation. The MSC trainer will appoint volunteers to the program as it grows.

Mentors can assist or advise on general questions. They may also help libraries choose the correct MSC or OCLC record, they may review records for accurate tags, indicators, fixed fields, and authorities. To be sustainable the program must focus on education, and providing good guidance. Thus, mentors may help or advise MSC members, but they may not act or create for them.

Rather than assigning member libraries to a specific mentors, members and mentors are now freer to form skill-specific relationships. If you are a member needing mentoring, please reach out to one of the mentors listed below.

As the Mentor program evolves, the skills and mentors listed below will change. Please check back for updates. For information about the Mentor Program, or how to become a Mentor, please open a help desk ticket.

Mentor Skills
Dave Shearer copy cataloging, SmartPort, original cataloging, OCLC Connexion (client), searching (WorkFlows & OCLC), local & equipment records, assigning call numbers, Montana Memory Project
Beth Boyson original cataloging, book club kits, OCLC Connexion, serials, local & equipment records, Subject headings
Stephan Licitra original cataloging, copy cataloging, serials & serial control, OCLC Connexion, brief titles, acquisitions, local & equipment records, ILL, searching (WorkFlows & OCLC), BCA, authorities, subject headings, assigning call numbers
Abbi Dooley copy cataloging, transferring records (WorkFlows), updating records (OCLC Connexion), overlaying records (WorkFlows), SmartPort, searching (WorkFlows, OCLC)
Laura Tretter Original cataloging, copy cataloging, SmartPort, OCLC Connexion, searching (Workflows, Enterprise, OCLC), serials, serial controls, assigning call numbers, subject headings, special collections
Victoria Lowe copy cataloging, SmartPort, brief title, ILL
Jodie Moore copy cataloging, SmartPort, brief titles, ILL, searching (WorkFlows, Enterprise, OCLC), Enterprise, circulation tasks
Paulette Parpart original cataloging, OCLC Connexion, authorities, subject headings, assigning call numbers, Montana specific titles, genealogy
Carly Delsigne copy cataloging, SmartPort, circulation tasks
Lyndy Parke SmartPort, serials & serial control, copy cataloging
Jan Dawson copy cataloging, SmartPort, OCLC Connexion, local & equipment records, original cataloging, ILL, assigning Dewey call numbers
Jessica Carlson brief titles, copy cataloging, SmartPort, OCLC Connexion, introduction to original cataloging, ILL, searching (WorkFlows & Enterprise), introduction to Authorities, subject headings, assigning call numbers, LC classification

Montana Treasures Original Cataloging Project

MSC members needing original cataloging are encouraged to reach out to the Montana Library Association's Technical Services Interest Group. The Interest Group is currently taking submissions for original cataloging of Montana specific materials.

Members may use this request form to submit titles that meet the following criteria:

  • You are unable to find an existing bibliographic record in the MSC that describes your item; or you can only find a very incomplete bibliographic record that matches your item.
  • You are unable to find an existing bibliographic record in OCLC that describes your item; or you can only find a very incomplete bibliographic record in OCLC that matches your item.
  • Your item is set in Montana, has Montana themes or issues, or is by a Montana author or illustrator.

Any questions about the Montana Treasures Project can be directed to