Montana Shared Catalog

Appropriate Use Policy

The Montana Shared Catalog (MSC) encourages the use of the MSC for information discovery, resource sharing, creation of bibliographies, and other general uses. As a member of OCLC, we also seek to enhance the effectiveness of WorldCat for these same purposes and as a utility for cataloging. For this reason, the MSC does not grant permission for OCLC-derived records to be downloaded from the MSC via Z39.50 or other means for copy-cataloging purposes, unless the library involved is actively contributing their holdings to WorldCat. As an alternative, libraries seeking records for cataloging purposes may wish to investigate options for participating in OCLC and adding holdings to WorldCat.

The OCLC membership, as of 2 June 2010, has replaced the Guidelines for Use and Transfer of OCLC Derived Records with the new WorldCat Rights and Responsibilities for the OCLC Cooperative. A more readable explanation of the policy with best practices, can be viewed on the WorldCat record use and data licensing page.