Montana Shared Catalog

Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) Migration Overview

Read the SaaS Migration Instructions to prepare your staff and patrons for migration on Sept 11-13th

At the Spring Members meeting in Helena on May 6th, the MSC members voted to migrate the MSC Symphony database from the physical servers at the Montana State Data Centers to SirsiDynix’s Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) cloud servers. In order to invoice the membership within FY2017 and to make allowances for staff retirement, the MSC staff and SirsiDynix migration team have set the migration date for September 11th-12th. PLEASE READ THE FOLLOWING CAREFULLY AS IT WILL AFFECT YOUR CURRENT CIRCULATION over the summer and into the fall.

Moving the entire MSC from local servers to cloud servers is a similar process to migrating libraries into the MSC. In order to migrate more smoothly and efficiently, the MSC staff will be doing some housekeeping before the migration which will entail removing unused policies, broken & inactive reports, and expired item and user data. Changes will be minimal to libraries. MSC staff will be in contact with your library if you are affected by these changes.

Keep in mind that the current description of the tasks is fluid by necessity, and further refinement will take place as we move closer to implementing the changes.  We will update this page with information and documentation as we move through the policies refinement process.

If you have any questions about this process please Open a Help Desk ticket.

Housekeeping Overview


Additional User Categories have been made available for increased granularity in statistics. There will now be 7 User Categories. As with the Item Categories, MSC Admin will be moving data from the 5 current User Categories and spreading them over 7. Some policy names will change slightly but no policies are being removed. You will notice two new User Categories and that your User Cat drop downs have been limited to only those policies your library currently uses. More information including parameters for each User Cat and lists for each category to follow.

Some User Profiles that do not govern circulation policies will be removed. Statistical information contained in those policies will be retained in User Categories. Your library's name will still appear in the User Profiles. Very few libraries will be affected. More information to follow.


MSC Admin will be condensing the number of fields that appear in the Address 1-3 fields of the patron record. These changes are global and not configurable by library. Data will not be lost, only moved or renamed. You will notice fewer fields. MSC Admin has made every attempt to accommodate the current user address data with these new fields. More information and updated Patron Registration Guidelines to follow.


CIRC login for onshelf holds: Because the OnShelf Holds wizard provides more up-to-date and accurate holds lists than those run daily by the CIRC login, access to the onshelf holds report will conclude on 1 July. Please see the training materials below if you need help managing this transition.

Assumed Lost & Process Long Overdue Reports: MSC staff will alert you via MSC DISCUSS by July 19th to fill out the configuration survey. To configure these reports we need your responses by August 8th. Everyone will have these reports in SaaS. Those who do not respond to the survey will receive default settings when we configure these reports. 

Survey: **ASSUMED LOST AND PLO SURVEY** Respond by August 8th. 

Changes to saved templates: In an effort to not migrate outdated or improperly built reports to SaaS, MSC Admin has audited the use of each library's saved templates and Scheduled reports. MSC staff will be rebuilding old report templates that may have broken, removing outdated reports, and archiving templates. You may notice that reports have slight changes in their names or have been removed because they no longer retrieve accurate data from the database.

Training Documents and Recordings

Document: SaaS Migration Instructions - PLEASE READ!! Includes Instructions for Sept 11-13th

Video: Guide to using the Onshelf Holds Wizard

Video: Guide to local toolbar management (adding wizards to WorkFlows)

Document: Assumed Lost and Process Long Overdue reports 

Survey: **ASSUMED LOST AND PLO SURVEY** Respond by August 8th. 

Document: Patron Registration Guidelines

Document: User Categories 1-7 Criteria

Document: Available User Category 1 

Document: Available User Category 2

Document: Available User Category 3

Document: Available User Categories 4 & 5

Document: Available User Category 6

Document: Available User Category 7

Current Project Timeline

22 June – 1st meeting with SirsiDynix SaaS Migration Team

1 July – CIRC user login no longer active – user OnShelf Holds wizard for holds 

10-11 July – User Address cleanup concludes

17 July – Assumed Lost/Process Long Overdue (AL/PLO) direct questionnaire emails for libraries that have never run these

7 Aug – User Cats reassigned & User Cat drop downs limited 

8 Aug – AL/PLO deadline from 19 July email

15 Aug – Platform migration meeting – SirsiDynix SaaS migration team

16 Aug – Remote connectivity test – SirsiDynix SaaS migration team

22 Aug – 1st AL report for library cohort in 17 July direct email

25 Aug – platform migration setup – SirsiDynix SaaS migration team

5 Sept – 1st PLO report for library cohort in 17 July direct email

11 Sept morning – data extraction **MSC PRODUCTION SERVER DOWN until 10 AM**

11-12 Sept – platform migration **WorkFlows operating as BRIDGE to SaaS – Only limited circulation features, NO Cataloging, acquisitions, reports **

12 Sept evening – Bridge will be closed after libraries close for the night. Final data loaded onto SaaS server

13 Sept – MSC goes live on SaaS!