Library Law - Laws and Rules


Article VIII – Revenue And Finance
    Section 5. Property tax exemptions.

Article X – Education And Public Lands
    Section 1. Educational goals and duties.

Article XIII – General Provisions
    Section 4. Code of ethics.


Title 1

 Publication and Updating of the Code
    1-11-301. Publication and sale of Montana Code Annotated – free distribution

Title 2

 Standards of Conduct
  Code of Ethics
    2-2-101. Statement of purpose.
    2-2-102. Definitions.
    2-2-103. Public trust — public duty.
    2-2-104. Rules of conduct for public officers, legislators, and public employees.
    2-2-105. Ethical requirements for public officers and public employees.
 Public Participation in Governmental Operations
  Notice and Opportunity to Be Heard
    2-3-102. Definitions.
    2-3-103. Public participation — governor to ensure guidelines adopted.
  Open Meetings
    2-3-201. Legislative intent — liberal construction.
    2-3-202. Meeting defined.
    2-3-203. Meetings of public agencies and certain associations of public agencies to be open to public — exceptions.
 Administrative Procedure Act
  Adoption and Publication of Rules
    2-4-313. Distribution, costs, and maintenance.
 Public Records
  General Provisions
    2-6-1001. Purpose.
    2-6-1002. Definitions.
    2-6-1003. Access to Public Information - Safety and Security Exceptions - Montana Historical Society Exception.
    2-6-1006. Public Information Requests - Fees.
    2-6-1009. Written Notice of Denial - Civil Sction - Costs to Prevailing Party in Certain Actions to Enforce Constitutional or Statutory Rights.
    2-6-1012. Management of Public Records - Disposal and Destruction.
    2-6-1013. Preservation of Public Records - Possession of Public Records.
    2-6-1014. Protection and Storage of Essential Records.  

 Executive Branch Officers and Agencies
  General Provisions
    2-15-108. Gender and racial balance — report to legislature.
    2-15-122. Creation of advisory councils.
    2-15-1511. Agencies allocated to state board of education.
    2-15-1514. State library commission — natural resource data system advisory committee.
    2-15-1523. Ground water assessment steering committee.
 Property and Systems Development and Management
  Information Technology – Internet Privacy
    2-17-532. Establishment.
    2-17-533. Responsibilities.
Public Employees
  Public Employees Generally
  2-18-601.   Definitions.
  2-18-603. Holidays—observance when falling on employee’s day off.
  2-18-611.  Annual vacation leave.
  2-18-612. Rate earned.
  2-18-617.  Accumulation of leave – cash for unused – transfer.
  2-18-618.  Sick Leave.

Title 3

 Supreme Court
  Form and Reporting Decisions
    3-2-604. Distribution of reports.

Title 5

 Legislative Council and Publication of Laws
  Dissemination of Laws and Proceedings
    5-11-203. Distribution of session laws — inspection of journals.
    5-11-212. Fees for proceedings.
    5-11-213. Exclusions.
    5-11-214. Exemptions from fees.

Title 7

 Alternative Forms of Local Government
  Municipal Commission Government
    7-3-4252. Powers of council.
    7-3-4253. Department structure and operation.
    7-3-4254. Selection and supervision of officers and employees.
    7-3-4266. Report of proceedings and financial statement.
  Municipal Commission-Manager Government
    7-3-4463. Department of public welfare.
 General Operation and Conduct of Business
   Conduct of County Government
   7-5-2150.   Compensated absence liability fund.
Financial Administration and Taxation
  Local Government Budget Act
    7-6-4001. Short title — applicability.
    7-6-4002. Definitions.
    7-6-4003. Budget and levies supplied to department of administration.
    7-6-4004. Budget fund structure.
    7-6-4005. Expenditures limited to appropriations.
    7-6-4006. Appropriation power — requirements.
    7-6-4011. Use of bond proceeds and borrowed money.
    7-6-4012. Fee based budgets — adjustable appropriation.
    7-6-4013. Fees for services — hearing and resolution.
    7-6-4014. Restriction on tax-financed expenditures if voter approval required.
    7-6-4015. Payments for judgments.
    7-6-4020. Preliminary annual operating budget.
    7-6-4021. Notice of preliminary or amended budget.
    7-6-4024. Hearing on preliminary budget.
    7-6-4025. Receipt and expenditure of money prior to adoption of final budget.
    7-6-4030. Final budget — resolution — appropriations.
    7-6-4031. Budget amendment procedures.
    7-6-4032. Emergency expenditures.
    7-6-4033. Expenditure limitation.
    7-6-4034. Determination of fund requirements — property tax levy.
    7-6-4035. Tax levies for boards and commissions — bond exemption.
    7-6-4036. Fixing tax levy.
 Acquisition, Transfer, and Management of Property and Buildings
  General Provisions Related to Local Government
    7-8-103. Authorization for governmental and public entities to take property by gift or devise.
 General Provisions Related to Services
  Interlocal Agreements
    7-11-101. Short title.
    7-11-102. Purpose.
    7-11-103. Definition.
    7-11-104. Authorization to create interlocal agreements — issuance of bonds for joint construction.
    7-11-105. Detailed contents of interlocal agreements.
    7-11-107. Filing of interlocal agreement.
    7-11-108. Authorization to appropriate funds for purpose of interlocal agreement.
  Consolidation and Transfer of Services
    7-11-301. Purpose.
    7-11-302. Consolidation and transfer of services.
    7-11-303. Petition for consolidation or transfer of services.
    7-11-304. Service plan.
    7-11-305. Availability of petition or recommendation and service plan.
    7-11-306. Publication of summary and comparison.
    7-11-307. Election on service consolidation or transfer.
    7-11-308. General ballot requirements.
    7-11-309. Effect of adoption of service consolidation or transfer.
    7-11-310. Judicial review.
  Multijurisdictional Service Districts
    7-11-1102. Services that may be provided.
    7-11-1112. Financing.

Title 15

 Tax Administration
  General Provisions
    15-1-121. Entitlement share payment — appropriation.
    15-1-122. Fund Transfers.
 Property Subject to Taxation
  Tax-Exempt Property
    15-6-201. Governmental, charitable, and educational categories — exempt property.
 Property Tax Levies
  Limitation on Property Taxes
    15-10-401. Declaration of policy.
    15-10-402. Property tax limited to 1996 levels.
    15-10-406. Limitation of applicability.
    15-10-420. Procedure for calculating levy.
    15-10-425. Mill levy election.
 Coal Severance Taxes
  General Provisions
    15.35.108. Disposal of severance taxes.

Title 20

 State Boards and Commissions
  Board of Public Education
    20-2-121. Board of public education — powers and duties.
 Elected Officials
  Superintendent of Public Instruction
    20-3-104. Discretionary staff.
 Teachers, Superintendents, and Principals
  District Superintendent and Principal
    20-4-402. Duties of district superintendent or county high school principal.
    20-4-403. Powers and duties of principal.
 School Instruction and Special Programs
  Accreditation and Curriculum
    20-7-112. Sectarian publications prohibited and prayer permitted.
    20-7-201. State visual, aural, and other educational media library.
    20-7-202. School library required.
    20-7-203. Trustees' policies for school library.
    20-7-204. School library book selection.
    20-7-205. Reporting school library information.
 University System
  University Units
    20-25-212. Bureau of mines and geology — purpose.
 Montana Educational Telecommunications Network
    20-32-101. Purpose — definition.
    20-32-102. Agency cooperation — responsibilities.
    20-32-103. Fee collection and disposition for operational costs.
    20-32-104. Apportionment of costs.

Title 22

  State Library Commission
    22-1101. State library commission established.
    22-1-102. Librarian and assistants.
    22-1-103. State library commission — authority.
  State Library
    22-1-201. State library authorized.
    22-1-211. Definitions.
    22-1-212. Administration of state publications depository library program – rulemaking.
    22-1-213. State agency publications  — notification and availability 
    22-1-218. Exemptions.
    22-1-219. Permanent public access to state publications.
    22-1-225. Montana state library trust — interest retention.
    22-1-226. Use of Montana state library trust.
  Free Public Libraries
    22-1-301. Definitions.
    22-1-302. Purpose.
    22-1-303. Creation of public library.
    22-1-304. Tax levy — special library fund — bonds.
    22-1-305. Library depreciation reserve fund authorized.
    22-1-306. Moneys for library depreciation reserve fund.
    22-1-307. Investment of fund.
    22-1-308. Public library — board of trustees.
    22-1-309. Trustees — powers and duties.
    22-1-310. Chief librarian — personnel — compensation.
    22-1-311. Use of library — privileges.
    22-1-312. Cooperation and merger.
    22-1-313. Existing tax-supported libraries — notification — exemption from county taxes.
    22-1-314. Continued existence of all public libraries.
    22-1-315. City library may assume functions of county library.
    22-1-316. Joint city-county library.
    22-1-317. City-county library — board of trustees.
    22-1-325. Short title.
    22-1-326. State aid to public libraries.
    22-1-327. State aid — per capita — per square mile.
    22-1-328. Statewide interlibrary resource-sharing program.
    22-1-329. Statewide Library Access Program.
    22-1-330. Commission rulemaking authority.
    22-1-331. Base grants.
  Library Systems
    22-1-401. Policy.
    22-1-402. Library federations — definition.
    22-1-404. Board of trustees — coordinator.
    22-1-405. Boards of trustees — authority — resolution of disagreements.
    22-1-412. Purpose.
    22-1-413. Administration by Montana state library commission.
  Law Library
    22-1-501. State law library created.
    22-1-502. Location — control by board of trustees.
    22-1-503. Authority of board.
    22-1-504. Duties of librarian — library staff state employees.
    22-1-505. Use of library.
    22-1-506. Liability for injury to books or failure to return.
  Interstate Library Compact
    22-1-601. Library compact.
    22-1-602. Executive officer of state library commission as administrator.
  Public Library Districts
    22-1-701. Public library districts — purpose — territory.
    22-1-702. Creation or enlargement of public library district.
    22-1-703. Election on creation of district.
    22-1-704. Formation of public library district — appointment of initial board of trustees.
    22-1-705. Consolidation of existing public libraries or public library districts.
    22-1-706. Election of board of trustees — compensation — removal — single-member trustee districts.
    22-1-707. Duties and powers of board of trustees.
    22-1-708. Public library district budget — property tax levy.
    22-1-709. Election to change maximum property tax mill levy.
    22-1-710. Dissolution of public library district.
    22-1-711. Effect of dissolution.
    22-1-716 Library depreciation reserve fund.
  Library Records Confidentiality Act
    22-1-1101. Short title.
    22-1-1102. Definitions.
    22-1-1103. Nondisclosure of library records.
    22-1-1111. Penalty.
  Cultural and Aesthetic Projects
    22-2-301. Cultural and aesthetic projects grants.
    22-2-302. Advisory committee — powers and duties.
    22-2-303. Rulemaking authority.
    22-2-304. Cultural and aesthetic project appropriations — administration.
    22-2-305. Allocation and disbursement of funds.
    22-2-306. Grant conditions — additional funds — accounts and reports.
    22-2-308. Application procedure — grant criteria.
    22-2-309. Grant categories.
    22-2-321. Reversion of granted funds.
  Historical Society
    22-3-103. Historical library — independence from other libraries, museums, or galleries.

Title 39

  General Provisions
   39-3-101. Employer to furnish itemized statement of deductions.
   39-3-102. Compensation of employee dismissed for cause.
   39-3-103. Compensation of employee leaving for cause.
   39-3-104. Equal pay for women for equivalent service.
  Payment of Wages
   39-3-201. Definitions.
   39-3-202. Rulemaking power of commissioner.
   39-3-203. Employer to notify employee on written demand as to rate of wages and date of paydays.
   39-3-204. Payment of wages generally.
   39-3-205. Payment of wages when employee separated from employment prior to payday — exceptions.
   39-3-206. Penalty for failure to pay wages at times specified in law.
   39-3-207. Period within which employee may recover wages and penalties.
   39-3-208. Contracts in violation of part void.
   39-3-209. Commissioner of labor to investigate violations and institute actions for unpaid wages.
   39-3-210. Investigative powers of commissioner of labor.
   39-3-211. Commissioner of labor to take wage assignments.
   39-3-212. Court enforcement of administrative decision.
   39-3-213. Disposition of wages.
   39-3-214. Court costs and attorney fees.
   39-3-215. Authority of county attorney.
   39-3-216. Mediation — hearing.
  Reciprocal Agreement for Collection of Wages Act
   39-3-301. Short title.
   39-3-302. Purpose.
   39-3-303. Reciprocal agreements for collection of wages.
   39-3-304. Actions in other states for collections of claims — assignments for collection.
   39-3-305. Claims assigned by other states — actions — collection.
   39-3-306. Limitations.
 Minimum Wage and Overtime Compensation
   39-3-401. Declaration of policy.
   39-3-402. Definitions.
   39-3-403. Rulemaking authority.
   39-3-404. Minimum wage.
   39-3-405. Overtime compensation.
   39-3-406. Exclusions.
   39-3-407. Enforcement.
   39-3-408. Provisions cumulative.
   39-3-409. Adoption of minimum wage rates — exception.

Title 45

 Offenses Against Public Order
  Offensive, Indecent, and Inhumane Conduct
    45-8-201. Obscenity.
    45-8-203. Certain motion picture theater employees not liable for prosecution.
    45-8-205. Definitions.
    45-8-206. Public display or dissemination of obscene material to minors.
    45-8-207. Notice of violation.
    45-8-208. Penalties.

Title 50

 Smoking in Public Places
  Montana Clean Indoor Air Act
    50-40-201.Local government buildings – smoking prohibited.
 Fire Safety in Public Buildings
  General Provisions
    50-61-101. Purpose of chapter.
    50-61-102. Department of justice to administer chapter.
    50-61-103. Application of chapter — definitions.
    50-61-106. Unlawful to obstruct fire exit.
    50-61-114. Fire chief and fire inspector to make inspections.
    50-61-115. Notice of violations.
    50-61-116. Lessee who corrects violations entitled to reimbursement.
    50-61-117. Prosecution of violations.
    50-61-118. Injunction authorized.
    50-61-119. Violation of chapter a misdemeanor.

Title 69

 Regulations and Utilities
  Universal Access and Service
    69-3-841. Universal service policies.
    69-3-846. Discounts for schools, libraries, and health care providers.

Title 90

 Natural Resource Information System
    90-15-101. Purpose.
    90-15-102. Definitions.
    90-15-103. Funding.
  Advisory Committee
    90-15-201. Duties of committee.
    90-15-202. Committee staff.
    90-15-203. Expenses of committee members — meetings.
  Information System
    90-15-301. Establishment of information system.
    90-15-302. Natural heritage program.
    90-15-303. Interagency cooperation.
    90-15-304. Availability of information.
    90-15-305. Water information system.

Administrative Rules

Chapter 16

Wages and Hours
    24.16.1001 introductory statement
    24.16.1002 general requirements
    24.16.1003 judicial construction
    24.16.1004 effect of custom, contract or agreement
    24.16.1005 employees "suffered or permitted" to work
    24.16.1006 rest and meal periods
    24.16.1007 sleeping time and certain other activities
    24.16.1008 preparatory and concluding activities
    24.16.1009 lectures, meetings and training programs
    24.16.1010 travel time
    24.16.1011 adjusting grievances, medical attention, civic and charitable work, and suggestion systems
    24.16.1012 recording working time

Chapter 101

 Organizational Rule
    10.101.101 Agency Organization
 Procedural Rules
    10.101.201 Corporation Of Model Rules
    10.101.203 Guidelines For Public Participation
    10.101.206 Appeals Process For Denial Of A Grant

Chapter 102

    Substantive Rules
 Public Library Development
    10.102.1150 A – Public Library Standards
    10.102.1150 B – Public Library Standards: Policies and Bylaws
    10.102.1150 C – Public Library Standards: Planning and Evaluation
    10.102.1150 D – Public Library Standards: Finance
    10.102.1150 E – Human Resources Standards: Library Director
    10.102.1150 F – Human Resources Standards: General
    10.102.1150 G – Human Resources Standards: Access
    10.102.1150 H – Materials and Collections Standards: Collection
    10.102.1150 I Public Library Standards: Access to the Collection
    10.102.1150 J Public Library Standards: Collection Evaluation
    10.102.1150 K Public Library Facilities Standards
    10.102.1150 L Public Library Public Relations Standards
    10.102.1150 M Public Library Services Standards
    10.102.1151 Certification Statement
    10.102.1152 Deferrals
    10.102.1153 Final Arbiter
    10.102.1154 Appeals Process
    10.102.1155 Annual Statistical Report
    10.102.1156 Effective Date
    10.102.1157 Additional Recommended Library Standards
 Public Library Grants
    10.102.3604 Arbitration Of Disputes Within Federations
 Interlibrary Resource Sharing
    10.102.4001 Reimbursement To Libraries For Interlibrary Loans
    10.102.4003 Direct State Aid To Public Libraries For Per Capita And For Per Square Mile Served
 Federation Areas
    10.102.5101 Desciption Of Federation Areas And Headquarters
    10.102.5102 Allocation Of Funding Between Federations And Grant Programs
    10.102.5105 Joining Library Federations
    10.102.5106 Base Grants
 Depository Procedures for State Documents (Repealed)
    10.102.8101 Depository Procedures For State Documents
    10.102.8102 Policies And Guidelines For Depository Libraries