Library Development staff will be glad to answer your basic questions on library administration, library board development and training, library law issues, Federations, E-Rate, Public Library Standards and Statistics, resources available for new directors, weeding and cataloging, and personnel issues.   They will be available to guide you to existing MSL online resources, documentation and calendar deadlines in the areas of consulting services.  They can refer you to statewide traveling consultants if you need additional, more in-depth follow up assistance with particular situations, questions and needs. The three Statewide Consulting Librarians are assigned to individual public libraries within specified consulting territories.  These territories are based on the six Library Federations.  Click on the Federation links below to see each consultant’s assigned libraries. 

South Central and Sagebrush Federations:  Pam Henley

Tamarack and Pathfinder Federations:  Lauren McMullen

Broad Valleys and Golden Plains Federations:  Suzanne Reymer

Please feel free to contact SLR staff members with your questions:

Tracy Cook – Director of Statewide Library Resources – 406-444-9816,

Cara Orban – Statewide Projects Librarian – 406-444-5350,  Administers LSTA-supported statewide projects including the Montana Shared Catalog, MontanaLibrary2Go, OCLC, and courier project.

Jennifer Birnel – Montana Memory Project Director – 855-259-0894, 406-466-3739,  Coordinates the Montana Memory Project and provides support for digital initiatives.

Jo Flick – Training and Development Specialist – 406-431-1081,  Coordinates statewide continuing education for librarians and certification program for public librarians.

Lauren McMullen – Statewide Consulting Librarian – 866-730-1681,  Provides consulting and advisory services to public librarians and trustees.

Suzanne Reymer – Statewide Consulting Librarian – 888-826-0837,   Provides consulting and advisory services to public librarians and trustees.  Provides support for e-rate, bandwidth, public computing centers and digital literacy.

Pam Henley – Statewide Consulting Librarian – 855-419-2616,   Provides consulting and advisory services to public librarians and trustees.

Jemma Hazen –  Montana Shared Catalog Systems Administrator–

Amy Marchwick – Montana Shared Catalog Systems Administrator–

Rebekah Kamp – Montana Shared Catalog Systems Administrator – 

Katy Rende –Montana Shared Catalog Training and Technical Support –