MSL Presenter's Materials

OffLine 2018 - Great Falls Public Library February 2-3

Project management - Cody Allen, Jennifer Birnel, Jo Flick


Spring Federation Meetings 2018

Presentation materials - check back for postings

MLA 2018 - Bozeman, Aprl 11-14

MSL staff presentation materials 

 - Evaluating the Library - presentation slides  Jo Flick & panel 


MSL Workshops 2016-17 

September 2016 Polson, April 2017 Havre, May 2017 Red Lodge/Joliet and September 2017 Bozeman


presentation on SlideShare

Aspen Institute materials - libraryvision.org

Creating a Culture of Customer Service - presentation on SlideShare

A Tangled Web - presentation on SlideShare

Website evaluation rubric 

Exemplar library websites 

MT Historical Society - Facebook tips 

Mind in the Making -  From Research to Action (pdf)