2017-18 Montana Summer Library Leadership Institute

Applications open March 10- April 10, 2017  - apply by logging into the MSL Library Directory

The Institute begins with a 4 day retreat at the Rising Wolf Ranch near East Glacier Park, July 26-29, 2017.  

This institute is planned differently from ones that MSL has sponsored in the past few years.  MSL recruited facilitators from within the MT library community with the express purpose of giving those who had attended institutes previously the opportunity to further develop their skills.  Specifically, the facilitators are expected to:

•    Analyze the needs of the participants and the communities they serve
•    Manage the project within its budget
•    practice mentoring and providing guidance to participants
•    collaborate with other facilitators and MSL staff
•    contribute to the professional community
•    manage change and transition
•    create and communicate a vision for the institute

Meet your Facilitators: 

  • Carly Delsigne - Director, North Jefferson County Libraries
  • KellyAnne Terry - Director, Lewistown Public Library
  • Cody Allen - Billings Public Library Tech Lab: Public Services Librarian
  • Della Dubbe - Director, Helena College Library (president emeritus, MLA)

MSL staff planning and coordinating this event:  Joann Flick, CE Coordinator; Lauren McMullen, Pam Henley, and Suzanne Reymer, Consulting Librarians

Institute participants will:

  • RECOGNIZE THEIR OWN LEADERSHIP STYLE as well as the benefits and challenges of their style, so that they can participate more productively in management teams and to effect positive change in their library and community. 
  • Be CONFIDENT TO TAKE RISKS and to create an environment that is resilient in failure so that libraries and librarians are positive innovators in their communities.
  • PURSUE THEIR OWN LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT to try new things, grow, to evaluate their efforts, to view hardship, failure, or fear as a catalyst for positive change in their own lives, their libraries and communities.

These topics are planned for the institute retreat, September meeting, and monthly webinars: 

  • listening and communication
  • ethics
  • teamwork
  • creativity
  • managing change
  • decision making 
  • self-awareness
  • collaboration/partnering
  • inspiring others
  • presentation and public speaking
  • analyzing community needs and library needs
  • research - action - evaluation: using planning models effectively

Find the logic model, which includes the anticipated impacts of the institute and the plan to evaluation this project by clicking here.   

There is no charge to attend the MSL Summer Library Leadership Institute.  Attendees commit to attending follow-up webinars and meetings and to work diligently on a project that expands their leadership knowledge and skills and provides an increased benefit or service to advance their library's mission.  Follow-up webinars and projects extend through April 2018.  For a glimpse of the projects from the 2015-16 participants, see this video. 

The facilitators and presenters at the institute retreat are committed to assuring that all participants are confident, well-tooled, and supported so that they are able to continue to collaborate and manage challenging projects that benefit their libraries and communities. It is not necessary to come to the institute retreat with a project in mind; though some participants attend specifically to tackle a project they've had in mind for awhile. Projects should be fairly large, long-term, and challenging in scope, fulfill and align with the library's mission, and should meet some of the following criteria:

  • address the worst problems in a community
  • identify and work with partners and organizations in the community and region
  • utilize project management methodology
  • have considerable risk for failure

For more information about the SLLI, contact CE Coordinator, Jo Flick jflick@mt.gov