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These resources are designed to assist with board development including evaluation of the board and running effective meetings.

September 8, 2017 - Bozeman Public Library

Working Together: Building & nurturing positive relationships with governing agencies & the community

Presented by the Local Government Center of Montana State University, Dan Clark, Director

This all day session for library board members and library administrators is designed to address a key compentency of effective library administration: the ability to work together with governing agencies and individuals.

The session will explore the unique governing situation for libraries that are considered city or county agencies even though they have their own governing board.  There will be plenty to learn for district libraries as well, about finding sustainable funding sources and relating to  stakeholders.

In this day long training, our colleagues at the Local Government Center of MSU will address the following outcomes: 

  • Library boards and library administrators will recognize the role of their municipal or county governing body and clearly delineate each other’s responsibilities in providing library services to the public so that the community receives world-class library services that are sustainable and valued. 
  • Library boards and library administrators take on leadership roles within their community so that the concerns of the community and state are addressed in library planning and services. 
  • Library boards and library administrators implement specific positive strategies for communicating with their city or county government officials so that they are working together to advance the best interests of their city or county. 

The Local Government Center of MSU works with Montana's cities, towns, and counties to strengthen the capacities of Montana's local governmental units to deliver essential services efficiently. msulocalgov.org

TRAVEL GRANTS AVAILABLE for board members and new library directors. Request a grant when you register to attend.

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For more information, contact Joann Flick, CE Coordinator, 406-431-1081 jflick@mt.gov

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