Montana Hot Spot Lending Program

This page contains information to assist libraries in setting up their hot spots for circulation and use in the community. 

Example Circulation Policies/Templates for Hot Spot Programs

Example Policies for Laptops/Devices for Checkout

Cataloging Information

Suggested Check-In Procedures

For all devices, it is recommended that you tape the battery door shut to prevent a missing battery or SIM card tampering. When the hot spots are checked in, you might want to add "Check for battery" and "check that the correct SIM card is in the device" to your list

Fines and Fees with Hot Spots

The State Library prefers that libraries do not charge overdue fines on the mobile hotspots. We recognize that local policy may mean the library needs to charge an overdue fine equivalent to what is charged for physical materials. For Montana Shared Catalog libraries, fine options are:

  1. No fines
  2. 10 cents per day
  3. $1.00 per day

Suggested Overdue Procedures for Hot Spots

If a patron doesn’t return a hot spot to the library by the due date, we recommend giving them a 3-day grace period to return the device. After that time, you can contact John Kilgour at to deactivate the device, which would render it useless to whomever has it. Once the hot spot device is returned to the library, please contact John Kilgour again to reactivate it. Once it is reactivated, you can then put it back into circulation.

Hot Spot Replacements

If a hot spot is lost by a patron, or not returned, replacements will be covered by the State Library. 

Evaluation Surveys for the Hot Spot Program

Please print out paper copies of the survey and give them to patrons who participate in the program. Please enter the paper survey responses into the online survey - link listed below.