New Library Directors Handbook


MSL Publications

Public Library District Handbook: A guide that addresses how to form a public library district in Montana.

Montana Library Certification Program Manual: Covers the how-to part of becoming certified; Public library directors in Montana must be certified for their libraries to receive state aid.

Montana Library Directory: Contact information for all of the libraries in Montana. The State Library updates the online Montana Library Directory frequently. The directory also lists the various libraries in Montana, as well as staff information for the State Library.

Montana Library Laws, Rules and Public Library Standards: Covers pertinent laws, rules and standards relating to public libraries.

Montana Public Library Statistics: To receive federal aid, the State Library must collect statistics from each of the public libraries. This information is collected and published annually.

Montana Trustee Handbook: Information for you and your trustees on what the responsibilities of trustees and library directors are, as well as suggestions on how to be an effective trustee.