Guidelines for Running a Mill Levy Campaign

Questions to Consider When Thinking About Obtaining Additional Mills for the Library

What are the benefits (short term/long term) of obtaining additional mills for the library?

What are the (short term/long term) consequences of not seeking additional funding?

What are the (short term/long term) consequences of failing to pass a levy?

Can taxpayers bear the additional mill?

What is the overall mill levy? The city and/or county must take all of the mills into account before asking for more. Sometimes the local governing body can give you mills from the general fund, but it's more common for them to ask you to go through the voting process.

Is there enough support for additional mills for the library?

Who should you ask for additional mills? It could be city residents only, but it could also be a part of the county or the entire county. However if you are a city library there are special considerations that must be addressed before going for anything beyond city mills. Please contact MSL staff for more information.

What should the duration of the levy be?