Library Development

Library Development


The Library Development Division strives to help all Montana citizens receive the information they need in order to improve and enhance their lives by improving public library services and promoting cooperation among all Montana libraries of all types. Library Development provides leadership and guidance related to library programs, services, and facilities. A professional staff plans, develops, and implements programs, projects and pilots, and administers funds for new and improved library services throughout the state.

Library Development staff will be glad to answer your basic questions on library administration, library board development and training, library law issues, Federations, E-Rate, Public Library Standards and Statistics, resources available for new directors, weeding and cataloging, and personnel issues.   They will be available to guide you to existing MSL online resources, documentation and calendar deadlines in the areas of consulting services.  They can refer you to statewide traveling consultants if you need additional, more in-depth follow up assistance with particular situations, questions and needs.

Library Development Study Task Force Recommendations 

A Library Development Study Task Force was appointed by the State Librarian in July, 2015 and charged with creating a set of recommendations which would serve to inform the development and delivery of library development services.  Listening sessions held around the state, surveys and task force meetings were held to respond to this charge.  The MSL Commission approved the resulting recommendations in February, 2016.

The recommendations begin with a vision for Montana libraries: Libraries are leaders in creating thriving communities. The recommendations then identify those elements that libraries need in order to successfully achieve this vision. These needs are clearly articulated on subsequent pages. The needs are articulated as outcomes and library development programs and services will be prioritized and benchmarked to achieve these outcomes.

Library Development Study Task Force Recommendations (PDF)