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Extreme Customer Service, Every Time

Take the WebJunction self-paced course "Extreme Customer Service, Every Time" then meet with Pam Henley and others for discussion.  Contact phenley2@mt.gov to join the cohort.  Dates for two meet-ups are January 18 (9:30) and January 28 (3:30).

OffLine BUTTE - February 1-2 

See mtlib.org for more information and to register. 

Surveys, Questionnaires, & Focus Groups - get the data you need

Join Jo Flick for this 4-part class starting February 4th and meeting weekly through March 4th for a deep dive into data gathering, from formulating your research question, to selecting an appropriate data gathering methodology, getting the right target audience, and writing quality survey questions, to analyzing your data like a pro. Plan some extra time for homework as everyone gets hands-on practice.  

Contact Jo Flick jflick@mt.gov for more information. Register through the Events Calendar in ASPeN. 

Jennie Stapp, Montana State Librarian

Webside Chat with Montana State Librarian

January 11th at noon 

Register by clicking on this event in the ASPeN Events Calendar - you will receive a link to join the event within 24 hours of the event.  ASPeN Events Calendar  

Click here to view archived webside chats 

CE: library administration 

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